I like traveling. My country is something like 400 km across so my perception is probably different than yours.

So far I've visited:
I was in a youth camp at age years 12 in Burgas on Black sea coast. I traveled mostly by train - for nearly whole day. I kept bending my knees in train-rythm for another 2 days ;-) Did not really saw much, except the sea. That was quit nice.
Another youth camp. This time the beach was rocky.
Several times. Actually at that time our counters were united.
My first job was for a company  working for a customer based in Wiena.
I was for one month in Cologne. It was a busines trip, but I got a chance to see the cathedral that is there. If you ever get there, don't miss it.
Twice. Again a business trip. A small town on north called Marrostica. After first day they moved my things to another room, but they forgot my camera, which was hidden on top shelf of the wardrobe. Luckily they got it back.
Another bussiness trip. Three in fact. First landing was in Atlanta. The weather was pretty bad and we were circling around the airport for one hour. I think that we finally landed because the fuel was gone after transatlantic flight. During landing maneuvr the were strong turbulances. My discman fall off and the batter cover is probably still flying on board of some Boeing 747.
In San Francisco the taxi driver drove mi to the wrong hotel on first attempt. I was working for Levis so most of the time I saw only Levis Plazza and Coit tower above. For first time I saw there free flying humingbirds.
Later A friend drove me on the other side of Golden Gate. It is strange feeling when you stand on the coast looking on the dawning sun and think: "Just a few thousend kilometres across this water is Japan" ;-)
I was also on the other side of Bay Bridge. It's a pitty that I did not went to see Berkley UC.
This is a small lie. During a business trip in El Paso I went to Juarez - which is actually the same city, but on Mexican side of border. But I can tick another country on the list.
Feel free to mail me your opinion on my views, I'd like to hear it.