It all started 11th of September 2002. There was terrorism before, it just entered new much more significant era that day.

I arrived from work too soon. Sooner than I usually do and sooner than my family was home. I turned on TV mindlessly just to have some noise background. After some minutes I noticed a running line of titles on the bottom of the screen. It said to expect special news in 20 minutes. I had no idea how this day will change the world. I did not pay much attention and actually turned the TV off because I heard my son from the playground outside.

In the evening the news hit me with the full force. The understanding of the situation dawned very slowly on me. When I saw the towers of WTC collapsing I was overwhelmed with feelings. I did not knew those well known silluettes of two skyscrapers belong to WTC and I certainly did not see them as some symbol. Symbol of America, symbol of freedom. Bullshit.

What it was is big piece of human intelligence and work. No big is not the right word. Huge. Paramount. Just as big as were the skyscrapers. And it was destroyed within few hours. That was sad. Very sad.

What was even worse was what followed. The TV broadcast was being interrupted all the time. The articles at slashdot talking about the event went over 1000 of comments. That did not happen ever before. (Perhaps it brought number of new readers to slashdot because there were several other articles that exceeded that number since that time. Which feels strange. I mean Matrix is a great movie but it is not on the same level as 9/11, right?)

The worst part is still no over. The fight against terrorism fueled by US goverment was a title which brought citizen surveiliance, US Patriot Act that allows arrests and searches without judge's permission, DMCA making knowlege a crime and many other things.

The death of more than 3000 man in WTC was bad. But politicans using the fight against terrorism as excuse for more restrictive laws and bills is the worst impact of 9/11. They make me feel like a criminal when I have to give my fingerprints for ability to cross country borders.

Feel free to mail me your opinion on my views, I'd like to hear it.