Today I read a proposal of English government to mandate a chip in every car which would guard and report all drivers that exceed the speed limit. Horrible idea, isn't it?

I don't drive fast. Some years ago I was living in Germany and used to travel 40km to work every day. Once I was taking part in a Oracle basics course which was starting at 8:00am. I was late and I knew it. But I had a company car, the roads had 3 lines and were not that full and there is no speed limit on highways in Germany. So I told myself. Ok, let's see what I can get from the car. I was doing something over 160km/h (~90mph) when I noticed, that the cars in front of me have the break lights on. At about 500 metres in front of me. So I took the foot down from the pedal. I thought: Ok, I won't make it - no big deal.

Than I noticed, that the cars in front of me were not slowing down. They were standing still! Sh*t! I hit the breaks. I pushed them so hard just to avoid slip.

I managed to stop something like 20 metres after the last cars. There was a car accident and 3 lines were reduced to 1.

I promised myself to not go over limits ever again. Even if the limits are not really there placed by law.

How ever every rule has an exception. There is a growing number of places restricting the speed to 20km/h-30km/h - typically the roads through village etc. I don't like those. I just have problems to stand the sound of engine running at 2nd gear for 10 or 20 minutes. Seldom such limits make any sense to me.