My native language is Slovak. Slovakia was part of Czechoslovak republic until 1990. Czech and slovak languages are very simillar. Czech (known also as Bohemia) has twice so many residents as Slovakia. It was also a part of state, that was more active - perhaps that is the reason, why lot of the tv broadcasting was in czech and also a lot of books in public libraries were in czech.

At the time when I was attending basic and high school, the russian language was mandatory. So I got some basics. But to tell the truth, I have troubles to read azbuka these days. And understanding russian is for me quite difficult.

On the basic school I also got some lessons of german. That would not be enough, but I was able to receive german TV broadcasting. Though I don't really understand how that happened, I understand german quite well. It is a little bit worse with expressing myself, but Germans are quite tollerant in this. I spend in Germany more than one year and did not have big problems.

The language that I like and speak the best is English. A lion's share for that belongs to my high school teacher. The remaining part belongs to reading usenet news since 1994. I find it a language that despite the fact that it is simplier than, for example slovak, allows unambigious expressing of your thoughts. I like it.
I also believe that if you don't understand this language, your chances in the world of Internet are low. And with the impact that Internet has on our lifes I believe that everybody should understand a little bit of english. If you don't (unlikely if you are reading this, isn't it?) you'll find this to be a handicap in next years - that is for sure.

Then I'd like to mention other languages. Particularry italian, french and spanish. Italy is closest to me but is not very widely used. French is appealing. I dream about visiting Paris, Louvre etc. I believe that visting a country where you don't understand the language is reducing your experience, your reception of that country. Therefore if I would ever start learning new language, it would be very probably french.
Spanish might be interesting too. Spain is a common target of vacation trips overe here and spanish could be used also in a great part of Latin America.

Other languages such as Chinses, Japanese or Arabic are probably out of question. They seem to be too complicated. Especially Japanese and Chinse seem to have too nuances. The same thing can be expressed in many ways depending on your and your partner's positions in society etc.

However I'm getting older and older and have bigger and bigger problems picking up this kind of knowledge. So all this is probably just a dream.